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The visit of the Jewish Museum was very astonishing. The art showed the display of saturation and contemporary colors that shows the mood and the feeling that each artist made. The sculptures display staggering art work that display ancient times and showed its theme by chaos and destruction that sends out to the public.


There are more things in heaven and Earth than what is dreamt in our philosophies



The design above represents one of Shakespeare’s famous quotes. The quote means that there is more to life than what we fantasizes in our dreams. The design is meant to show a ghost or an entity dancing on the plains of the grasslands showing that people should not avoid the wonders the earth has to offer to the newcomers of the world. Life may have its consequences, but there are some things in life that is beauty that we as individuals have yet to uncover.Life is a gift and it is the only one we will ever have. People need to explore the mysteries of the world and see its beauty.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

The Eye


One of Gandhi’s quotes that have existed to this day. The design is meant to display a person that undergoes a violent event that most people goes through to this very day. The violent action happen almost everyday and we are not aware of the hardships that each person went through. The quote also demonstrate how violent wars and fights can be that we, the people are blinded by our rage. Gandhi’s approach to violence was not of violence but solving the manner peacefully by not fighting back. Easier said than done some people might say but to the well minded people, we must see through the hearts of individuals and approach them.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities


The greatest and most known quotes known to the audience. ” With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities.” The story goes with a teenage nerdy boy whose life change drastically when he was bitten by a radioactive spider thus allowing him to possess an ability no man has ever possessed. However, with his new spider powers, there always come the consequences. One major turning point was the death of his uncle that kept haunting him, and leaving the most famous quote that defined his existence.  Despite what Marvel and the movies would have us believe, this epic and powerful quote does not come from a Hollywood script writing team but from the revolutionary quote and literary in the 19th century France. The first literary record of this can be attributed to Francois-Marie Arouet aka Voltaire. Voltaire was disturbed by the sickening abuse of authority and privilege by those in power whilst the poor and deprived starved and suffered around him. Much of Voltaire’s work reflects on this theme, however it was in “Œuvres de Voltaire, Volume 48” that we first hear the direct use of this phrase. Of course in Spiderman’s case, it was quote that was directed at those who Voltaire believed to be wicked, corrupt and everything that was rotten in France at the time.





Grey Scale



The Grey scale symbolizes white to complete darkness. The white turns darker and darker and darker grey until it is complete black. Another way to use the scale to measure the artists position and painting. In order to measure the light and the shadows of an environment, person, and many artistry.