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The Trip to the AIGA

In today’s field trip at the AIGA, I saw the first design of the invitation of the first AIGA meeting that was for only rich white people who afforded a 1000 to pay for the program, in which case, in today’s AIGA, it only costs 50 dollars to enter (thank goodness for that.). I got to see the graphic of books of the designs of different people like the artist who created the art of Superman icons in the 1800’s and many interesting concepts like the portfolios, and the designs of the Honor wall really caught my attention. The one important lessons that the guide told us is that the art and designs that each graphic artists make expresses mood and character. The key concept of graphic design is to express a person’s mood and that is what each individual artists demonstrated in the cups while in the offices of the graphic designers. The trip was astounding and allowed me to get a better picture of what graphic designing really is. I still am concerned about the whole idea of the election papers being designed in a way Bush would win for presidency. Was it meant to confuse us or let him win on purpose. Who knows? But either way, It does not discourage the fact of my interests in graphic designing. The trip held interesting artwork and the books recording to the time of designs and its structures. The chicken without the head was kinda disturbing to me and catches my attention due to the fact that there are things in life that makes us not keep the head of the game and stay focus through our personal goals in life.GalleryNorth CedarCounty_SampleBallot_Nov2006CRI_104927 (1)


The picture of the headless chicken displays a shock to me, and it left me to question what does it mean. The artist display a good representation of an art that shocks people and leaves them to question

My trip to the Letterpress

downloadThe trip to the Letterpress was an astonishing experience because there was an old printing press that displayed a style of crafting ink on paper. In history class, my professor mentioned that older technologies determine newer technologies and that theory contributes to the print press. In the letterpress, I was able to use the printing press and print ink on paper. I was nervous that the printing press may clobber may hand, but I got over my fear and the experience was proved astonishing. Without the invention of the printing press, society would have a hard time writing books and it would take months or years to complete a book.

My Biography

Albert 12345People are curious about knowing the other person’s life whether they lived astonishingly or horribly. As for myself, I had encountered certain events in my life that are both astonishing and horrible that defined my personality today. As a kid, I was incredibly shy, and felt down most of the time. In KIPP Star, I was afraid to speak up for myself which led to my insecurity to my surroundings and being always negative to myself. I could not  make friends because of my shyness which later I got picked on for it. But, besides the darkness that surrounds my environment, I had my light of hope that helped me get to where I am. My parents loved me because I was doing school work, and was focused on what will I be when I grow up. I was able to see the beauty of Ecuador, and the jungle really set my mind at peace. In high school called St. Agnes, I was picked on because of the way I look. But despite all the harsh scolding that I had to encounter, I really had a good time going on trips like going to the retreat in Connecticut where there is nature and wildlife. Even though, there was darkness in my life that I had to remember everyday for the rest of my life, that darkness I had, I took it with me and it made me stronger. I converted that negativity into a positive energy by remembering all the beauty of my family and the good experiences I had with my friends at the beach. I love them and could not have done it without them. I thank them for the good experiences that they gave me and I am proud to be in this world still studying to become someone more than just a regular person. To those who scold me and berate who I am and what I am not, I am receiving a college education and becoming a great professional engineer and designer.
As a child, I had seen beauty of nature in the jungle of Ecuador, the canyons of Utah, and the wondrous outdoors of camping. In high school, I took an art history class that showed me different artists and styles of drawings and paintings, which inspired me to learn new art forms and sketches of objects. In my adolescence, my interest took its turn when movies and video games demonstrated new textures and realistic people with astonishing logos and designs. The designs really inspired me to be creative and invent new designs for armor, costumes, and an insignia. Many ideas and many designs are being created and influenced me to create a new complex and incredible portfolio that would eventually become a movie or a video game.
 The ideas became a habit of mine and motivated me to explore careers that resembles the skills I enjoy making that would become a legend to people. One of the other inspirations that motivated me to design are the textures and the designs on computers, and cars. In today’s society, cars are adapted to ways that redefines the future of technology with its smooth textures and sharp edges that astonished me and the way I look at cars. As a teenager, I got my first computer when I was in sixth grade, and I was not interested in computer, but as time passed by, computers began to adapt and form new surface edges and extremely astonishing designs that redefines the future of computers. I continuously work on my drawings to create new textures for the future and inspired me to look for careers that corresponds to the talents I love to do.

Final Free-Study – Paired Color Identities with Simultaneous Contrast


The color identity in the purple square is ASHLEY that represents her favorite color that I saw in her was indigo or purple. The red shoes symbolizes her interest in fashion and clothing. While mines is the blue square which she saw in me was blue because I was calm and relaxed and the power button symbolizes my interests in technology and what a best way to interpret my interest by demonstrating the power button. But not just any power button, the design at the bottom shows data and storage on the technology that is advancing throughout our lives. The red symbolizes our interests in the color and the objects such as the heart and the blood and the first color of the rainbow. It demonstrates the feelings inner self that everyone has.


Achromatic grays

achromatic grays

The Achromatic gray I have painted was very difficult to draw on layout because I was very confused on the colors for the way the darker chromatic gray looks similar at the bottom. However I have managed to draw as light as possible by adding white to black to create a chromatic gray. In addition, I manage to look closer and look at there differences now. Feel free to comment on my art. Joseph Albers really captures the eyes of the audience literally by display the square colors and really makes us think that the colors combined really makes us think that the colors are being erased and makes it feel the colors are being changed as you examine it closely.


Free-Study #2 Final version



The final version of my painting drawn first and re-edited to form a techno style version of my logo and my company. I first edited my logo then I pasted my logo to another version from the internet in a techno style to represent the background and its unity in the form of a symmetrical painting. Feel free to comment.