The Trip to the AIGA

In today’s field trip at the AIGA, I saw the first design of the invitation of the first AIGA meeting that was for only rich white people who afforded a 1000 to pay for the program, in which case, in today’s AIGA, it only costs 50 dollars to enter (thank goodness for that.). I got to see the graphic of books of the designs of different people like the artist who created the art of Superman icons in the 1800’s and many interesting concepts like the portfolios, and the designs of the Honor wall really caught my attention. The one important lessons that the guide told us is that the art and designs that each graphic artists make expresses mood and character. The key concept of graphic design is to express a person’s mood and that is what each individual artists demonstrated in the cups while in the offices of the graphic designers. The trip was astounding and allowed me to get a better picture of what graphic designing really is. I still am concerned about the whole idea of the election papers being designed in a way Bush would win for presidency. Was it meant to confuse us or let him win on purpose. Who knows? But either way, It does not discourage the fact of my interests in graphic designing. The trip held interesting artwork and the books recording to the time of designs and its structures. The chicken without the head was kinda disturbing to me and catches my attention due to the fact that there are things in life that makes us not keep the head of the game and stay focus through our personal goals in life.GalleryNorth CedarCounty_SampleBallot_Nov2006CRI_104927 (1)


The picture of the headless chicken displays a shock to me, and it left me to question what does it mean. The artist display a good representation of an art that shocks people and leaves them to question

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