I believe the preservation of an architectural structure should depend on its connection to the architect, how it serves the people, and the age of the structure. Even though we, Americans, are on the verge of experimenting with new and different architectural designs, we should not completely demolish our history. When the building is a landmark and many people attend to it each and every day, it would need a lot of maintenance. If the exterior or interior structure of the building is out dated, it should not be changed. I think our history of architecture should always remain so that people can notice the progress that we made throughout the years in architecture. I think we should really try our best to preserve buildings, but if the building does not serve to the people the way it was meant to, it gives a reason to demolish, or renovate the building. If a building that is out dated but is still used on a daily basis, serves the people right, it should not be demolished just because it is history. An architect can have a very deep connection to a structure. If someone wants to come in and demolish or build over what the architect created, it is a slap in the face to the original creator. The creator or who ever owns the structure, should have the decision if the building gets preserved or not. There is always another way of bringing life back to a building without completely taking away its key architectural aspects.

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