Smooth in more than one way

The bank of America towers in Bryan Park is one of the tallest buildings in New York City. When looking at the building on of the first things people see is how smooth the façade is. The bottom of the building is a normal shape that is parallel to the street. As the building rises the new angles are introduced giving the tower a new shape.

                When someone is round the building there is many different emotions at play. The building is used as a formal place of work, a place where businessmen and women work. The building is located right in the heart of Bryan Park. Bryan Park is not normal thought of a formal business place. In the summer that park holds concerts and other events. Also just one black away is time square, one of New York’s busiest areas.  Bank of America tower had a big setting change from inside to out, but the building does it smoothly. The lobby had glass wall the over look the park giving a feeling as if you are still in the park.

                The bank of America building can be related to my life because it is one of the greenest buildings in New York City. When it was completed it was one of the eco friendly buildings in the city. I may self there to be very eco friendly. I try to uses as little resource as I can, and the building does the same. The building recycles rain water and even cleans the air that comes in to the building.

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