Studio Square by Valerien Yepes

When approaching Studio Square you automatically think capacity. The doors to enter the building are glass but everything is still so dark. The capacity that is being taken away by all the pleasant furniture is used so nicely in an organized way. When entering, you see marvelous wooden furniture. After passing the dark-brown tables and walking on the solid smooth floor you notice the veiew of the substantial garden.

The building is filled with so much open space and darkness. The lights are dimmed and the music has a pumped up beat. The feeling you get at first is spooky but then you feel alive and a part of the building. You walk up the stairs and towards the garden feeling like there is a big space of air inside of you. It turns to excitement. You feel that now the floor isn’t soft, but now stepping on stone. The walls aren’t walls anymore, they’re leaves. When you sit down on the benches you start feeling relaxed and happy, like there is no care in the world.

This building relates to my life because I admire their use of space. I also really love nature. It makes me feel like home and that I’m breathing fresh air. When entering the building it gives me the feeling that I’m living, which I find enjoyable. Everything about the building makes me feel brand new.

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