Stephanie sanchez – Formal Critique

Brooklyn is one of the borough of New York City that has a splendid Greek architecture. In order to appreciate it you must go to downtown Brooklyn. The Dime Savings Bank of New York, originally Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn operated from 1859 to the late 20th century. It is not to be confused with Dime Saving Bank of Williamsburgh, also in Brooklyn. The bank’s former building Downtown Brooklyn , now owned by Chase, is a New York City Landmark.

To a demonstration of the Dime saving Bank of New York, walk to Downtown Brooklyn between Bridge St and Fulton Mall and face west.  You will be standing between Gap store and  Armani Building. Keep walking straight to the front until you get at Albee Square west and Fulton Mall. There you will see a wonderful structure of revive greek architecture.

Take a seat in front to analyze more deeply the building , the ionic columns, the pediment, cornice, the domed and frieze, just like greek architecture. Once you’ll be sitting take a look around to a mini park (open space) that makes the space expand from the street. Then go to inside the Dime Saving Bank, as you look around you’ll se the elegantly roof and all those slender columns.

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