My formal space Alex Cooper

A long time ago during, “Bring your child to work day”, I visited my father’s job at the Citigroup building, located on 601 Lexington Avenue. I was very young but, prior to walking in the building, I first noticed a large, red umbrella made out of metal, which is the symbol of the Citigroup corporation.  As we walked I walked toward the entrance, I looked up to the peak of the building and noticed the large amount of windows and how the windows took up most of the structure. I walked into the building and the Lobby was huge. I’ve never been in a building that size to this day.

My father took me on a mini tour of the building and we went toward the top of it. We were in an office with many of his co-workers. I remember running to the windows and staring outside of them. It nearly scared me to notice how high we were by just looking at some of the smaller structures of NYC. I was slightly able to notice the small sway of the building as I looked to structures of similar height. This view that I was witnessing was the perfect time to take a picture, if only I was older. Sadly, we couldn’t take a full tour of the building, but the small walk through was worth it.

The building is very interactive. It had a beautiful auditorium for children and adults to go to for entertainment. The building had many floors for food and lounges. Although it may sound like just a business building, It really serves the people who attend the building on a daily basis very well for the simple fact that almost everything they may want is merely there at the building.  It really changed my view on skyscrapers because I never realized how much character they had to them other than a bunch of offices put together into a huge building.

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