Formal Critique – Diego Vega

Apple stores are one of the most famous stores in the world, besides its technology and all the electronic products that they sell; Apple is also very well recognized because of the perfect design and the elegance that their stores possess structurally. A good example is the apple store located at 59th and 5av in Manhattan; the store that in the last few years has become the most visited store in New York because of the magnificent design that catches the attention of many people that visit this beautiful city daily.

Its structure made of glass that forms a cube which imposes respect and in the center an exquisite emblem, the apple that looks as though it were hovering in the air. This design makes a perfect combination with the Central Park diagonally and the buildings around this place because in the day the glasses always project remarkable views, while at nights the apple in the center shines radiantly that in fact makes this structure unique and much more spectacular.

I addition to this, I have found a strong connection between the structure made of glass at the entry, with the interior of the store in the lower level. Once you decide to enter the store you will pass through the glass spiral staircase, which I definitely admire because the way that the staircase encloses the elevator in the center is fantastic, but what I have noticed is that the width of the staircase is too short and it has been one of the weak points of this place and discomforts for people as well. Nevertheless, in the store you will be able to see what Apple is about and how all the spaces and sections in the store are measured perfectly and very well organized, even though the traffic that people make to see the great electronic devices.

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