Formal Critique – Carlos Mo Wu

Times Square has the most colorful texture in New York City. In order to have a clear view of Times Square, go to the Duffy Square which is a stair-shaped structure. The structure is unique because of its color and location. You won’t miss it since it is the center point of Times Square.  Before you get to there, start to walk from 42nd Street across the Duffy Square to have a more clear picture of the buildings that are in the back of it. As you travel to the square from 42nd Street and Broadway, you start to see modern advertisements on skyscrapers through the entire Times Square.

On your way to Duffy Square, there is an old tech building to your left hand side at 43rd Street being part of this very modern area. Look to your right between 45th and 46th Streets and you will see the Bertelsmann Building, a glass skyscraper. To your left, you will notice the New York Marriott Marquis, a building whose entrance is a semi cylinder-shaped. As your eyes move up, you will notice a lot of negative spaces. It’s an unusual skyscraper due to the fact that it has different geometric shapes put together.

Finally, you have arrived to Duffy Square and sat there. Look straight and you can see different perspective of Times Square. As you read through the sight, you will realize that the street is close to a triangular shape with two paths (Broadway and 7th Avenue) splitting up at some point in opposite direction. It is the One Times Square building that divides the street; and its location to the Duffy Square makes it a really outstanding skyscraper for advertisements. If you keep reading through Times Square, you can say that Duffy Square is a key place that really covers the most beautiful sight of the entire Times Square and its colorful texture.

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