The Brooklyn Bridge – Williams Guerrier

As one of New York City’s greatest icons the Brooklyn Bridge I can say is one architectural piece that my focus seems to be set on the most. Stretching over the East river to connect the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan the Brooklyn Bridge has a main span of 1,595.5 ft. This bridge being built during the 1960’s has become a historical landmark for the people of NY. In so many pictures or posters you can find the Bridge in the background being used to basically represent New York. Also being a means for transportation, drivers moving around from Brooklyn to Manhattan or vice versa  have been able to do so consecutively without much problems or so I at least hope.  As for pedestrians without cars or just wanting to enjoy the fresh air there is a very wide walkway accessible to all including bike riders. Being that I myself have traveled back and forth on this bridge I highly recommend taking a trip there. Just take the time to observe the heavily constructed towers and at night time how the lights show off the beautiful architectural design.

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