The Empire State Building (ESB) a National Historic Landmark, Located in 350 5th avenue, New York designed by  Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. Is a commercial building which is not similar to the neighboring buildings. The ESB has the appearance of a tower with a scale of 102 stories skyscraper, its exterior materials include limestone, granite, brick, tons of steel, tons of aluminum and the interior lobby materials are ceiling high marble, imported from France, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The foundation of ESB is special that is strong enough to help holding this building up. When foundation was dug and then a cast-iron still was set into a base.  The ESB has 6500 windows punctuate by delicate cast-iron columns created a rhythmic balance outside and well-lit space inside. The harmony of design with all the elements balanced in true classical form, is sheer elegance. The top five floors were chamfered their corner cut away and softened so that the building reached a logical denouement. Chrome nickel steels the color and texture of silver was used for the mullions that would run for the sixth to the eight-fifth stories. The marble wall inside the ESB lobby was devoid of ornamentation and carving except a subtle repetition of the convex grooving from the façade.  

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