Unphotographable #4

This is a picture I did not take… Once while boarding a flight back to the United States from Colombia, everyone in the plane was getting settled for take-off. A tall blonde white man in a beige suit stands up with his hands covering his mouth while looking down. He continuously starts yelling with that raspy voice he has “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” Everyone stares at him as his eyes start to water. The man starts throwing anything and everything on the floor. Beautiful bright red lip stick flight attendants start walking down the isle towards him. Asking him questions and to please to sit down. As he stands there pulling his grey hair out and tears running down his wrinkled face, he tells one of the flight attendants “I’ve lost my phone.” The flight attendants then start to help the man continue to search on the raggedy rugged floor of the plane. The man jumps up in relief with the cellphone in his hand.

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