New York Manuel Margarito

New¬†York¬†is a place where any one can call home. Together as a city we accomplish a lot. they call us the city that never sleeps. This is because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what this big city does. I am amazed every time i go to the city because it feels like the world is moving around you when your there. nothing waits for you, you¬†constantly feel like you have to catch up and that is what drives almost everyone there to do the best they can so they¬†don’t¬†get left behind.¬†Mr.Poe talks about all the different type of people there are in The city. I when i walk around New York you get the feeling of the individuality of each and every person including yourself. Everyone is unique in a way and there is never a moment when you think that no stands out from the crowd. That is what i feel when i walk through our big city.That feeling of importance and individuality cant be¬†achieved¬†anywhere else I’ve been so far in my 18 years.

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