Blog Post #1 Angel

New¬†York is a place where anyone in the world has a chance to start over and live a new life . In all three readings you get a sense that¬†their¬†are a lot of¬†different categories¬†to place people who live in the city in.Some may say that the categories would be set in by age¬†like¬†the young and energized or the middle aged and hard working and then the¬†old and¬†retired. One thing that really stuck out to me was in “What is a city” by Lewis Mumford¬†where they asked the question what is the city built for the people? or the cars? and to me i think that the city was built to be convenient for the people if you live in anyone of the 5 boroughs you could walk two blocks in any direction and have bodega but then if you really think about it everything is easier once you¬†acquire¬†a licence and¬†vehicle¬†their¬†are specific ways to get to places in less than 15 minutes which would once take¬†maybe¬†an hour or more by walking or public transportation. this changed my opinion on why the city was designed the way it is.

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