Short Post – Carlos Mo Wu

In Here is New York, E. B. White describes his feeling towards the New York City and its changes. He recalls several scenes when he first visited New York. When White came back to New York, it was a different experience because things have changed. I can sympathize with White in some cases. It was for pleasure the first time I came to visit New York. When it was decided that I had to move to New York, things started to change because I thought there would not be any difference. The city where I grew up is different from New York City. The smell and taste really make a huge difference. As Mumford describes in “What is a City”, he states “limitations on height are now common in American cities”. In contrast, there is no skyscraper in place I came from. Even though there are some large buildings, they are not comparable to Empire State Building. According to Poe in “The man of the crowd”, London defines what a crowded city is. Poe assures that individuals can feel isolated even they are surrounded by a crowd. There are times when I walk in Manhattan, I feel alone. The lack of friends and family members in New York City drove me into loneliness. In essence, I personally prefer “The man of the crowd”. This work describes me as an individual who lives and feels the isolation in the noisy and crowded New York City.

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