Short Post. 9/6 Stephanie Sanchez

        In the article “What is a city?”. The author Lewis Mumford describe the city as a theater. When he writes “The city is a theater of social action” and everything else – art, politics, education and commerce; which convert us as the actors of the theater. We are the city because without dweller is nothing. “Has always been a place of excitement; it is a theater, a stage upon which citizens can display themselves and be seen by others”. Each human being give an apport  to the city, some can be good or bad. We have the power to shift the city just by thinking and creating. In addiction “Man of the crowd” Poe the author write about a man, whom after recovered from an unspecific illness, starts to describe different  he groups of people walking on the street and keeping them apart by certain characteristic. The old man is always on the move, he refuses to be alone ; he is the man of the crowd, what seems to be more interesting is the fact that this man sees the world, he is the center of it and yet he is unseen of the world.  “When you live in the new york, you are astonished at how different the rest of the world is.  As my own expirience  of having the power of shift my life by move to  The United States accepting all the challenges to achieve all my dreams and goals.  On the other hand we have the message from “Man of the crowd” that we can be in the crowd but not be the crowd.

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