My short essay – Diego Vega

We all know that a change brings positive and negative consequences. According to the article “What Is a City”, the author explains the different aspects that affect a city. He describes what a city is becoming to; a city full of materials things, with a social environment and diversity of objects that people must take to improve their lives and how the people’s reactions are toward these; things that people are using daily and perhaps they cannot ever let these things go away from their side. ; For instant, a person needs to take a train to go to a place or goes to a library to research any important fact through history. It could be hard to believe but this new sophisticate generation is required for people, as the idea mentioned in the article that “today we must treat the social nucleus as the essential element in very valid city plan; the spotting and inter-relationship of schools, libraries, theaters, community centers is the first task in defining the urban neighborhood and laying down the outlines of an integrated city”. In my opinion, a city is becoming to be something more commercial with plenty business than a place to live. In addition to this, we also are part of it, as the article “The Man of the Crowd” describes that people are influenced by the changes that a city presents. Even here in New York, the city that never sleeps. I can say that I considered myself one of the reflections of this city; for example, when I moved here with my family my life changed drastically. I became a busy man because of many factors such as working and studying at the same time in order to pay my bills and to become a better person. It is weird, but time here goes fast and sometimes it brings negative effect to people, but I am trying to do is to manipulate this time and use it the way I want. I really like both articles because they showed me the way of how a city and a society are presenting radical changes and progressing day by day.

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