Life in a city by Stefon

In sum, a city like New York is a melting pot. Society is slowly becoming more homogeneous as time passes. Unfortunately many people like E.B. White states that New York offers the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy. This may be true but this is not always the case. Many people leave the country side and small towns to have city commonalties and corporations. Lewis Mumford states in “What is a City?” that good behavior is called urbanites because it found mostly in cities. Cites maintained the love and good will of one man towards another than any other place have. Well this is maintained other things are dissolved and a melting pot is formed Poe gives examples of this in The Man of the Crowd. He observes a group of people and there was nothing distinctive about them. They were undoubtedly noblemen, merchants, attorneys, tradesmen, and est. all together in one group. That is essentially what New York City is a large group of people from deferent backgrounds and social class living in one place in harmony.

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