FF SeqArtKids: Session 4

Session Four: Memory

During session four, students listened to a recording of Judy Garland singing, Somewhere Over The Rainbow from the musical film, The Wizard of Oz. There will be a brief discussion of the interpretation of the song. Students will be taught how to strengthen self-awareness through imagination. They will be guided to review of the meaning of “negative space” and will be directed to complete the drawing assignment without leaving any negative space. The in class drawing assignment was to make the students draw a rainbow and what they think will be at the end of the rainbow. Table 3 imagined a leprechaun at the end of their rainbow and Miss Brown drawn an example to display to them step by step. Max envisioned gold pots all around the rainbow. Mia sought money with her face on it (“Mia Bucks” she called it), at the end of her rainbow. Cameron recalled the remix of The Wizard of Oz called The Wix and recreated a scene of a yellow brick road leading to her rainbow. Students did great today!