Logo analysis

The Logo I chose to research is the Intel logo. Intel Corporation is a manufacturer of personal computers, integrated circuits, motherboard chipsets and processors among other things. They supply processors for computer manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Intel was founded on July 18, 1968 by Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andre Grove. Intel is one of the most recognized brands. The original Logo was created by the founders Rober Noyce and Gordon Moore in 1968. The connection of the t, e, and l resemble a computer chip or processor. In 1991 they changed the logo from the “dropped e” version to a version that incorporated their well-known “Intel Inside” ad campaign. The new version has the word “Intel Inside” of a circle.


Original Intel logo 1968 – 1991

The thought process behind the new logo came from the “Intel Inside” campaign. This was an advertisement that said “ the computer inside” or that later had a musical note that sounded like “intel inside”. They moved the name Intel into a circle representing what was inside of the computer, the parts made by Intel. The typeface is a custom one named New Sans Intel; the name of the company and without serif. The typeface looks modern even in the older logo because of the serif less stems and straight ascenders.


New Intel logo 1991 – present

The old logo while looking modern for its time looks dated now because of the typeface and color. Another reason it looks old is the square lettering that resembles a pixel. The new logo’s typeface has a curve on the letters that makes it look sleeker. In addition to the main logo there are also variations of the logo for products. For example there are variations for different processor models. These variations still have the Intel logo, but with a processor name added.


Pentium processor logo variant 1993 – 2003


Pentium processor logo variant 2015 – present