Cooper Hewitt Museum

The first piece that spoke to me from the Cooper Hewitt visit was the High Speed Rail Map and Board Game. I take the subway to school and it makes the city feel so much smaller. So the idea that a high speed rail could allow people all over the United States to easily and quickly visit far away locations appealed to me. I like the idea that it could generate a sense of identity for the country. If someone from the west coast or south could visit the east coast easily they might identify with the people there more and the country to become more unified. Linking rural areas to cities could also help our culture mix even more giving both groups of people a taste of the others lifestyle. I thought the map with the railway was well designed as well showing where the lines would be built and other information such as travel time.


Another piece I liked was the Prototype Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL). It was designed by John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and Hunter Defense Technologies. It was apparently 3-d printed which I find really interesting as 3d printing can help us mass produce some otherwise hard to create objects. According to the museum it has 26 moving parts and can be controlled by electrical impulses from muscles. This interested me as a design piece because of its current look. Although people who have lost a limb would accept it as a replacement I think it is also possible to make it look more human. The design of this if it ever becomes a reality could be customized even if people want it to look normal or maybe abnormal.


The Underpass Park was another piece that I thought was nice. This project was designed to use the leftover space under overpasses and turn them into public areas like a park. They could be used to connect neighborhoods that are divided by an overpass. This is another that I think might be fun to design, getting the dull looking underpass to look like a park people would want to go to. One issue I see is noise from cars passing overhead.