Digital Flyer

My internship was pretty busy this week because I had to design two email blast flyers for incoming freshman. The objective was to attract incoming students to accept their admission offer, and to inform students about an upcoming event that would allow them to register for classes and to receive information about Student Affairs, SEEK, ASAP, CUNY EDGE, Financial Aid, and Public Safety.­­­ I had a meeting with my director and supervisor where I created a brief on the need to know information that must be on the flyer, and what are their expectations.  I decided to use a picture of the new Academic Complex building because it’s an attractive feature of City Tech. The other flyer was much more difficult because it incorporated much more body copy and no initial design elements like pictures to work. I had to design a graphic that was visual pleasing and fit the layout that consists of lot of typography.

Admission Offer Flyer
Accepted Student Day