Rubbing Elbows Professionally

My networking event I decided to attend was the Daily News Innovation Lab, Conversations. They spoke on how design has many influences such as political, ethnical, and fine arts that could be used for good or evil. I was also able to network with other design students from The New School.
I was greeted by the Daily News web design team and was given a name tag. The floor was fully branded with Microsoft’s logo, brand colors, and merchandise. There were snacks like popcorn, cookies, brownies, sandwiches, and beverages. While eating the refreshments, I met two design students, Ashely and Chris, which we spoke about our major and the design culture.

Ashely is from New Jersey and been drawing since she was five years old. She is a sophomore at the New School and her major is Fine Arts. She explained to me how one of her project was to create a composition by using her professor as inspiration, which I found to be weird for the professor to assign. After graduated, she would love to own her own studio one day and teach art to the youths. Chris also attends the New School, and his major is Animation. I thought it was so cool to be at a school which is well known for its contribution to the design culture. As being a gamer, he always been interesting in animation and motion graphics. He encouraged me register for motion graphics next semester because I love typography and color, and I could create amazing design/motion graphics with those elements. We all exchange contact info to keep in touch with one another for future free design events or networking opportunities.