My supervisor informed that the office will be relocating to a different space, so we would need to design new signage that will inform incoming and current students where to go. I also have to redesign the current signage because it does not have the new City Tech’s branding standards such as, the school colors which changed from a deep royal blue and gold to a pure royal blue and white. First, I research inspirations on wayfinding and signage by using Pinterest, Behance, and Pentagram. I came across Pave Academy Charter School environmental graphics designed by Paula Scher. The design was very clean, easily to understand, and visual pleasing. I also discovered the importance of the use of white space. Incorporating white space is essential for legibility when you have a lot of type on the page. So my goal for this week is to complete a draft of the signage, which would be 4 -5 pages, then print them out to make the final decision on the layout and composition.