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third quote 5I decided to use “Happiness is a warm gun” which is the title of a Beatles song as my quote because the quote uses strong words that allow¬†me to have the freedom to create and play with difference fonts.In this first concept i used warm colors to give the quote a warm feeling.After that i decided to use the word gun and use it as a focal point to give the design a path of vision that would allow the viewers to read the quote and follow the concept of the design with ease.

third quote 52

In this second concept,once again,the strong words within the quote allows me to use different color schemes to allow the quote to flow easily through the viewers eyes.I used warm colors which are orange and red.This colors once again allow the word “happiness” and “warm” to flow easily.In this concept, I decided that the use a strong image like the image of the gun would be strong enough that i wouldn’t need to used the word gun.

third quote 52

In this last concept,I decided to play with the colors and went with a cool blue at first rather than a warm color.The word happiness in blue works well with the overall concept because it goes from cool to warm as i used a light red for the word warm.At last i decided to used a bold black for the word gun so the letter N faded into a bullet which inside has the bullet has the words “happiness” “warm” and “gun” how those words are describe in the dictionary with the proper pronunciation.



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