Hello,my name is Alberto and welcome to my eporfortio while I’m a student at city-tech. I’m from Miami,Florida and I moved to New York pursue my goal of becoming a graphic designer. My goal while in City-Tech is to hopefully improve on my designing skills and learn new ways to organize and put ideas together while obtaining my associate degree and transferring to FIT for my bachelors. In my time in city-tech i would like to improve my knowledge of adobe illustrator as well as adobe indesign, I’m familiar with both program but i feel there a lot of room for improvement.

My designing style I would say i’d the simpler the better, I like strong color patterns with a slick and simplistic feel for the viewer to enjoy. I’m a strong believe of the Bauhaus school methods that simple is better,hopefully in the next year or so ill continue to improve on understanding this methods better and applying this methods to my work. Art as always been a major influence in my life from a very young age from music,painting and movies. I’ve always been interested in the aspect of graphic design since a young age, I learned photoshop at the age of 16 on my own and ever since i’ve been always interested in learning new ways of expanding my knowledge of designing.

hw #3A|B DESIGNS hw #3

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