About Me!

My name is Alyssa Beltre, and I am currently working on my degree in Communication Design at New York’s City College of Technology.   I always knew that I wanted to pursue art as a career but did not consider graphic design until I reached high school. My high school offered a 3-year Advertising and Design course that taught not only the Adobe software but also how to work as a team and create numerous advertising campaign. My senior year of high school, I competed in multiple  New York City’s school’s graphic designs contest and was the first person in my school to win first place in the Digital Illustration Annual Citywide Graphic Arts Competition in 2017. During that year I also created posters and T-shirt for Tottenville High School for Department of Education pride float during NYC Pride Parade. After having those experiences of working with clients and getting acknowledged for my designs, I knew ultimately that graphic design was the career for me.

My art style is influenced a lot by the late 90s, and early 2000s cartoons show I watched growing up. The bright pops of color, the simple shapes, and forms but also the modern and minimalist look of today’s logos and advertisements inspire me to this day. I enjoy the combinations of the professional and clean lines of today and the messy and erratic style of that era to help give my designs a unique look to them.