Business Law

Historical background and sources of law as related to business procedures with particular emphasis on the formation, operation, performance and discharge of contracts. Survey of local and federal courts. This survey course will provide students with an introduction to several important areas of substantive and procedural law governing the relationships between persons and business organizations.

Topics of study will include: (1) Anglo-American Jurisprudence; (2) the U.S. federal and state court systems; (3) key Constitutional Law concepts; (4) Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures, such as arbitration and mediation; (5) Business Crimes and Torts; (6)
Commercial and Sales Contract Formation under Article 2 of The Uniform Commercial Code; and (7) the basic legal concepts of Property, including Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.
Students will also explore how the legal principles in each area are being applied, successfully or not, to the novel issues presented in the online world of the Internet and eBusiness.