About – Objectives

With a true passion for fashion from an early age, Arnora has found the idea of clothing, accessories and designers infatuating. Being born and raised in New York City, she was able to witness the many aspects of fashion first hand.

As a first generation American, born to immigrant Albanian parents who lived through wars and communism, Arnora’s parents strongly stressed the value of education to Arnora from a young age. This has pushed her to fight for what she believes in, take her education seriously, and always try her best no matter what obstacles face her.

Arnora’s professional experience are a mixture of merchandising work, legal work and customer service related work as well. These positions gave Arnora the experience and skills that are important and will be soon utilized in future obstacles that will be faced to her. 

My professional objectives are to place myself in a professional environment, specifically a Human Resource office where I can help others and be bridge between the employees and employers.