Case Study I

ASA I. Patient S.C. is a 33-year-old Middle Eastern female who presented with Type II periodontitis and heavy supragingival and subgingival calculus. Her blood pressure was 117/74 and her pulse was 79. Patient did not have any allergies and was not taking any medication. Extra-oral examination revealed no significant findings. Intra-oral examination indicated signs of neglect due to inadequate knowledge about oral health and ineffective home care. Patient was exposed an FMS which revealed carious lesions present on teeth #3, #5D and #20D. The carious lesion on tooth number 3 was severe. The patient was given a referral to visit an oral surgeon to extract that tooth. Patient had teeth #2 and #19 extracted in the past due to carious lesions that were beyond the scope of restorative care. Patient had her wisdom teeth extracted many years ago when she was in her early 20’s. Patient was taught how to floss during her dental cleaning since she stated that she doesn’t use an interdental aid, and was advised to floss once daily. Additionally, I demonstrated the Modified Bass toothbrushing method to the patient. When the patient came in for a following visit, she stated that she forgets to brush her teeth via the method I had previously instructed and would revert back to horizontal brushing. Therefore, using an electric toothbrush was recommended and bought from NYC College of Technology’s Dental Hygiene Department. The patient had recession and moderate bone loss present. Arestin was placed on teeth #13D, #13M, #14M, #14D, #15M, #30D, and #31M due to 5-6mm PD present. Arestin sites were evaluated 5 weeks later, which revealed a decrease in PD.



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