A Day In the City


I took this picture not too long ago I was in Time Square roaming around shopping I randomly took this photo with the amount of business and it came out to be a good picture. There was so many things going around in this photo. The buildings the atmosphere. In the photo there are hundreds people in different types of colored clothing walking in different directions on the right hand side. Traffic lights Billboard, advertisement on buildings. The tall buildings up close and a far and in the middle, the focus of the picture is a person who’s in a statue of liberty costume with his hands on his chin wearing sunglasses with a stylish pose. With few people roaming around him. The weather was very calm a regular normal sunny day in the city.

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  1. Ayo,
    I approve of this photo. Interesting that all the people seem turned away from you. Complex weaving of elements will make this a longish paper I predict.

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