Riverside Lightshow


Riverside lightshow

Riverside Lightshow, 2014, Ariel Dominguez

I took this photo during a night stroll around my neighborhood that took me to the top floor of the Gateway Center mall in the Bronx. The photo shows a busy highway with cars zipping by and lights of streetlamps from apartments buildings off in the distance. I took this photo because I noticed a gaping light in the clouds above from where I think the Empire State Building stands. It also shocked me that I could see the Empire State Building from where I was standing but I could have also been mistaken. After taking the photo, I notice the effect of the car lights driving by and the little loops by the shore of the river that reminded me of little parachutes; these effects were made by me moving the camera unintentionally. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the Empire State Building in the distance in this photo.  



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3 Responses to Riverside Lightshow

  1. mayji says:

    I like this photograph and the way it shows the illusion of the cars moving ultra fast,plus the way the colors come together ,it looks like something straight out of a video game because the reality effect is not high. I also like the way the lights illuminate the photograph,if i did not know any better i would have thought the cars were driven by street racers or something.

  2. Dashawn says:

    I choose this picture because of it’s unique camera effect that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The light effect caused by the car lights is the dominant impression for this picture and tells you that the cars are moving fast. the night sky is also a key element to make the light effect show. This photo appealed to me because of these details combined with the angle in which the photo was taken. this photo also reminds me of movie’s with street racing like ” The Fast and the Furious” because of the light effects used in those films. I really like this photo and want to see more unique effects that can only be shown on pictures using light.

  3. denisealston says:

    I absolutely love this photo. The night sky with the slight shine of the moon makes me feel calm and sets a relaxing mood. The building lights that are reflected in the water make the scene even more beautiful. What amazes me is the lights from the cars were beaming onto the ground making an interestingly shaped line and that you were able to capture this moment. Overall, this photo seems to capture almost everything that I’ve seen growing up in New York. City lights, traffic (even though there’s not much traffic here), and proof that this really is the city that never sleeps.

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