An Instrument with Rhythm, 2014, Josue Pierre


I took this photo a couple of weeks before I graduated High School last year. This took place in the Music Room of the school. The school had asked me to fix the drum kit for them. After I was done, I had to take a picture of it because I loved the work I did. In this photo, I clearly see a drum set that I fixed. And it looks like its on a long and wide stair made of wooden floors. On the left side of the photo, I see half of a piano/keyboard stand and right behind it is a cabinet where the percussion equipment is kept. On the top right corner of the photo, I see a xylophone. I see the sunlight on the right side of the photo. And I see a grey radiator behind the set. The photo is a bit foggy, but that is only because I had a different phone at the time. But I still wanted to take it because the lighting was just too perfect.

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