Preparing to Turn in Essay 1

Hi Class,

To prepare to turn in Essay 1 on Tuesday, Feb 25, please do the following:

Put all process work in a paper folder–with your name on it:

–Final Draft
–Previous Drafts
–Assignment Details
–Peer Review
–Thesis Handout
–Emmy Levinas’s First Page

In order to revise and proof your work:


–Have a friend read your work over; promise to do the same for him or her
–Make sure that you correct all “red” or “green” underlined areas
–Check for vague words or phrases


–Read your work carefully and slowly
–Read your work backward; what I mean is to read one sentence at a time, but begin with the final sentence
–Read out loud: this is a common proofing technique to catch mistakes


Prof. Scanlan

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