Homework for Thursday, March 20

Hi Class,

For Thursday:

1. Make sure to post (or re-post) two photos and descriptions…if you have not done so already.

2. Print out the 5 Conclusions handout (under “Readings” in menu) and write an invented or hypothetical conclusion using one of the five strategies (100 words); be prepared to read it out loud in class.


Prof.  Scanlan

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Omar Bessent 3/11/2014 “Have you ever noticed???”

"Have you ever noticed???" Taken by Omar Bessent 3/11/2014

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Fallen Pedal / Shadow love

fallen pedal

March 15 2014, Yircary Caraballo


Fallen pedal

On Saturday the 15 2014, I attended my first funeral. Didn’t know what to expect, but kind of had a clue. I mean, I’ve watched many movies and they always show funerals as such a grey and rainy day. It was exactly how I expected it, raining with a hint of light coming from the sun which was hidden behind the foggy clouds. The mood do sad and mellow. As I walked towards the coffin where my dear cousin lied so still I couldn’t help but noticed a red pedal so bright and still, laying on the floor. I wondered where that could have come from, knowing we all had white roses. So surprised I stopped and took the picture. I decided to frame it in the center to get a sense of isolation. How this vividly bright rose pedal laid alone and the wet concrete road.  

shadow love

 March 16 2014, Yircary Caraballo

Shadow love

Walking along the street at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, I noticed how my shadow was cast upon this huge blank wall. Amazed of how much hair I have, I decided to take a quick picture. I didn’t think much of it just a normal daily Instagram picture. Until I went back and looked at it again. Looking at the shadow and the form of the two body standing there, I noticed the way the big shadow looked down upon the shorter one while holding her hand and purse. A simple sign of love and affection.


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the bridge


I took this photo in December while I was walking the bridge with one of my friends called Amanda. I decided to take this photo because of the incredible setting around it. the bright lights, the water and there were also other people on the bridge. This photo is very interesting to me and also its a famous bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge. It was kind of late in the night when this photo was taken. Me and my friend decided to take a walk because we didn’t have nothing to do and she never walked the bridge before so I decided to take her and show her how amazing the setting was. she was speechless, she had seen it on television and the internet but she never knew it was that amazing, specially when it was late and all the lights were on. from time to time I take visits on the bridge to remind myself how amazing it looks.

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Demolition And The Street Drummer

Demolition, 2014, Priscilla Njokede.

Demolition, 2014, Priscilla Njokede.

I took this picture as I was walking down my street enjoying the warmth of a sunny beautiful clear blue sky on the 15th of March 2014, when this lonely high-rise twin buildings at prospect place in crown height Brooklyn caught my attention. I have never seen a building being demolish in reality apart from in the movies. I like how the tall yellowish crane works steadily to tear down the buildings in bite starting from the top floor. The wrought iron on top of the buildings that look like barricades that has been partly destroyed by the crane reminds me of how I jumped through a police barricaded street in Brooklyn without being caught. Darkness really frightens me and from the square-shaped windows, I could see that inside the building is in total darkness because there are no lights in there. The stainless color of the two street lights almost matches that of the white clouds and the only leafless tree looks scanty.

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Vacancy x Traffic


I took this photo on March 16, 2014. I was in the car with my mom and her husband and we were on our way to Yonkers when I decided to play around with my camera and see if I could take a nice photo. I like how this photo came out because the frame shows that I was inside of the car while I took it. I also like the emptiness that it portrays with the dead grass and the single light pole on the street. I also think the house in the photo looks a bit creepy because it’s as if nobody lives in it. This makes the photo interesting.



This photo was taken on the same day (March 16, 2014). It was taken in a similar frame from the first picture because I took them both while inside of a car. On our way back home from Yonkers we were stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes and I decided to take a picture. I didn’t know the photo would come out with the lights looking like that but when I saw the photo later on I liked how the red slashes across the frame made me feel like I was looking at something that I had to wait for, Like waiting at a red light.

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Atlas and The World in One’s Hand

I was finally able to take the picture that I had envisioned since the assignment was first assigned. The photo was taken while I was passing by an empty classroom at City tech, in NYC. The picture displays a globe in my left hand, above a brown desk. The globe is of the planet Earth, which contains the color blue for water, and multiple colors for every country. the dominant impression you get is of the beauty of this planet. The reason I chose this picture was because the globe represents all the problems of the world, and when u take a step back, you realize how small those problems really are. The framing cuts off the rest of the table so that more focus is put on the globe. The reality effect you get from the photo is in the details you are able to see in the globe. Details such as the boundary lines of every country, to the longitudinal lines.
globeWorld in the Palm of my HandAtlas
The photograph of a statue holding up what seems to be a globe was taken on March 14, 2014. It was during the evening when I passed by Rockefeller Center, midtown Manhattan New York City. on my way to the movies I saw a bronze statue carved in the shape of a man struggling to hold up an empty globe. The sculpture depicts the Ancient Greek Titan Atlas holding the heavens. Atlas is 15 feet tall, while the entire statue is 45 feet tall. There are some symbols on the globe. The statue is also in front of a building which is tan and allows the viewer to really focus on the statue even more. The building contains several windows that look blue. This is why I took the photo in that angle, so that blueness from the windows makes the globe look more like the world. Atlas struggles daily just like we all do as we try to live our lives. The dominant impression is of a man struggling to hold up the world. It reminded me of the struggles I go through in life and how I carry them on my shoulders. I took the photo right in front of it and looking up. The reality effect is the overwhelming size of the statue and the globe it’s holding up.

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Beach and pink fountain

20131012_110444I took this picture on October 12, 2013 at Folly beach in South Caroline. My sister and I also with a friend went from New York to there to visit ours friend who lives there. This picture was taken in the morning when I just woke up and saw this beautiful scenery, I was captivated in an instant. This picture came out surprisingly nice; I like the way the color of the sea and sky changed gradually from white to blue, it just looks like two separate worlds that connect to each other. I was standing on the balcony in my hotel room that you can see the picture is taken from the top; the bridge on the left side got cut off and you can see the half sky and a part of the blue side of the beach. Whenever I look at this picture, I feel energetic and hope.

20131012_143734This picture was taken on October 13th, 2013, the next day we went to that beach; ours friend took us to Charleston downtown where is pretty much like a small town compared to the New York city. As we walking down the street we found this fancy pinky fountain. There’s a some children were playing around the fountain in their swimsuit. My sister and I actually ran to the fountain when we saw this from far away like just like the other children. I was curious if the water is pink and thinking if the water is not pink then what’s the magic in it to make it looks pinks.  Stupid my sister went on testing it and got stained on her white shirt. There’s two children playing and having fun in the center of the fountain which is also the center in the picture, you can see the curve of the water got cut off on both side. Zooming in you also can see the motion of the water which is very intriguing


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In The City

Mom In The City Son In The city

In the City, 2014 by Kariluz Suero

The lady on the right is my mom. Yes, in the city, well actually somewhere in downtown Manhattan. This picture was taken last year on a trip that did for my sister’s birthday, the studium in this photograph is in the side walk of a street, in a very sunny summer day, the panoramic view in the background with the high buildings around her. I love this picture because it reminds me of one of the only moment where i get to see my mom looking this beautiful; She usually dresses very conservative at times. The punctun in this photograph is the shoes she’s wearing it was a gift I given for her birthday the year before, and that on that day she was wearing it for the first time, it really make me feel happy and appreciative. As far as the dominant impression on this picture is a warmed summer afternoon where people in the city just happen to be walking to get some fresh air and enjoying it.

Now, on the left side there’s is my beautiful son Isaac. I took this photograph couples of weeks ago, right after we have left the MoMa. It’s in the famous Rockefeller Center where the Christmas tree of New York is lighter in December. The profilmic event in this picture is that it was very windy on that day, even though it look clear,  sunny and people seems not to mind the weather. People are happy ice-skating and other tourist in the back are taking picture of the panorama. The puntum in this picture is the gold angel statue in the back. It gives me a nostalgia feeling because every time I come to this place or even if I see it in picture or postcard it reminds me of christmas, the holidays season and all the shopping spread on the Fifth Avenue.



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The 6’o’clock crescent, 2014, Ciera Haigler

The 6'o'Clock crescent, 2014, Ciera Haigler

The 6’o’Clock crescent, 2014, Ciera Haigler

I took this photo on the evening of March 3, 2014, I was looking out my window from my apartment in Brooklyn, snapping pictures of people and inanimate objects, it was getting dark and I noticed the moon was impending from the sky and I found this scenery to be captivating. I truly admire the distinguishing contrast between the sky and the trees because the colors seem contradictory but converging and the clouds look almost artificial, as if they are purple. Personally, it personifies the inexhaustible universe embodying that nature forbids boundaries, with the moon symbolizing a departure and yet a beginning. I was adamant towards the inclusion of the street lighting because I figured it threw the picture off, but I later appreciated the paradox it established. The frame excludes the busy street below, by passers, and the park in which the trees descended from.

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