Lonely Nights &Guiding Lights


March 18,2014 Brooklyn, New York (Broadway Junction)

This photo was taken on March 19,2014 in Brooklyn at Broadway Junction while waiting for the J train. I love the fact that i’m  standing in Brooklyn and i can see further into Brooklyn. All the lights coming from the street lights, cars and buildings. There isn’t any movement on the street , no pedestrians, just one car waiting at the stop light. This was a lonely night , i was the only one at the train station, i was looking at the buildings after i took this photo, i felt as if it was just me and the world out there. It was just a lonely night no noise from street, train noises,  people. It was a peaceful night




March 19,2014 Brooklyn Bridge (New York)

I took this photo on March 19, 2014 on the Bridge on my way to work. i love the setting of this photo . The is little rain drops on the windshield, it is the afternoon, the sky is light blue , soft white clouds . The sun is coming out after the rain storm. While i was in the car , i was talking to my dad and about my future plans, and what my goals are in life. As i was telling him my plans and goals that’s when the sun started to appear through the cloud.

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  1. Dedo,

    I approve of your photos. Make sure to read the image that the viewer sees and try not to dwell on the pro-filmic event so much.
    Best, Prof. Scanlan

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