CIMG0341I took this picture today at Skyline on 9th Avenue. It was during my another class field trip, I found it intriguing that there’s railroad along sides. By looking at his picture, you probably won’t realize it’s in city right away because the railroad looks like it’s been abandoned but as you continue on reading it carefully you will see the the railroad its actually very new and there’s some tall and modem looking buildings in the back. It gives me a feeling of loneliness and emptiness because there’s grasses and plants are grown out all over the railroad as if no one goes there like a dismal place.

Screenshot_2014-03-19-21-36-31I took this picture the other day on March 10th. I was hanging out with my friend there, then I just took this picture to capture the relaxing moment that I had in such a normal day of my life. Sun was going to set, the sky was getting dark, the lights were lighting up, it’s like almost the end of the day and there were also people playing soccer doing the thing they like after a stressful and busy day, it’s a very relaxing view to me.

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  1. Vivian,
    I approve of your photos. They look like they will form an interesting comparison on outdoor urban spaces. Best, Prof. Scanlan

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