An Anonymous Photo


The Main Concourse of Grand Central Station, 1929, Anonymous



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4 Responses to An Anonymous Photo

  1. Sean Scanlan says:

    This is a big room!

  2. dawa lama says:

    In the above photograph of grand central terminal, the photographer had tried to click the photo, mainly focusing on the architectural parts and the beams of light coming through the huge window. It seems that the photographer had took this photo during day time, as I can see the high speed of light coming toward the hall and the rays of light were captured in such a way that totally stunning. The hall had a high ceiling and a large segmented windows may be 45 feet in height and a beautiful brick pattern on tall walls. The people were scattered around the hall and seems to be waiting for the train to reach their destination. I can see the ticket booths and a clock inside the hall, and there were stairs just behind the clock
    The photographer may had took this photo from the balcony of second floor, focusing the rays of light and the left part of the hall. He had excluded the right part and cut the ceiling in such a way that it looks broader at the front and narrower to the back.

  3. Josue L. Pierre ENG 1101/D377 Mar. 13, 2014
    I really like this photo because it expresses a lot of moods. It seems that the way this photo was taken was during a dark time. The picture is black and white so it’s safe to say this was taken years ago. Grand Central Station is not as packed as it should be. And the people don’t look very active in the photo. Basically this was taken during a time when people had no hope or happiness. This photo is a great photo because the mood of this photo seems dark and dangerous. Not just the mood, but if the photo is looked at carefully, the people are wearing long trench coats with hats on. That alone shows what time period this could have been. Bottom line, this photo shows a lot of information.

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