The Bookstore



P.S. Bookstore, 2014, Bernardo Vanterpool

I took this photograph on February 27, 2014 when I finished training. It is the photo of the P.S. Bookshop, located on the corner of Washington St. and Front St., in Brooklyn. I decided to take this picture because as I was walking out of the gym, I was thinking about my English homework. Then it hit me that this bookstore would be the perfect picture for my assignment. I added a darkening affect to this photograph because it was a sunny day and it was hard to really see the details. The lamps reminded me of the photo Dinanda H. Nooney took of the Basquiat family except, in this photograph the lamps are modernized so they are not as huge as the one in Nooney’s photo. There are books all over the place and it is an avid readers dreams come true. What I like most is on the top right of this photograph, there are apartment windows that look as if they were part of the bookstore but they are not. Those windows are a reflection from the building behind me.


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  1. Hi Bernardo,

    Good photo and fine description.
    Prof. Scanlan

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