Sunday Procrastination

Sunday Procrastination

On March 2, 2014 In the midst of finding the perfect picture to write about, I came to Panera Bread to do some studying for my Modern Art course. However, because there were so many people like me, who came to study, I thought GREAT! Here was the perfect time to capture a moment where everyone was doing the same thing. Everyone was sitting around, eating a soup or tasty sandwich from Panera’s menu all while they were so into their studies. I found it interesting how for a Sunday, Panera was filled with people. Maybe, they were also procrastinators and waited for the last day of the week to catch up on their work. It was kind of dark in there but the soft glow of the lights above each table gave it enough light to be able to see ones work. There was a guy across from me to the right that was so into his reading, that he seemed stressed. I felt kind of bad for him since he kept going back and forth from one book to another. I thought to myself, he must have a midterm tomorrow and I’m going to be the same way once my midterms come up.

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  1. Edisson,

    Please make sure to provide the proper title, date, name format. Good description, although I suggest describing what you see instead of what people might be thinking.
    Prof. Scanlan

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