City Skyline

Manhattan Skyline, 2013, Julie Sumasar

Manhattan Skyline, 2013, Julie Sumasar

I took this photo in summer 2013. This is a shot of Manhattans city skyline while taking a stroll in Gantry Plaza state park with my family. It is pitch black and such great weather we had even by midnight.  This photo shows how beautiful the city really looks at night without a filter. Its the famous city that never sleeps. Whats so interesting about this photo is that it shows the bright lights reflection upon the water. You see the Empire state building which is one of the brightest and tallest on the left, and the building with the brightest reflection towards the water, The Chrysler building. So many buildings and skyscrapers that build such a great picture. The water flows in such a mellow mood. You can tell how the view of the city skyline and such settle water can bring you at peace. It was a night where we decided to visit new places for the very first time. We came across this place which brought memories. This is one of the best of many photos that i have captured.

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4 Responses to City Skyline

  1. Julie,
    A fine photo and description. Please proofread your work before posting it.
    Prof. Scanlan

  2. patrick says:

    I find this picture to be really attractive, because in a way it emphasizes on the phrase the city that never sleeps. Although its only a picture of the city’s skyline, it’s night time and the city is still bright and beautiful. For me the photograph gave me a since of mystery, like whats going on in the city that it could still be this bright at night time. The pondering of this photograph leaves open space for the imagination to “run wild”. Images of time square, all of the people walking, shoppers going in all the stores, and tourist taking pictures all comes to mind when I see this picture. The framing I believe to also be good because although it may cut off some building you captured the two main buildings that produce the most light.
    Patrick Payne

  3. joshua hernandez says:

    So glad we live in this great city. NYC the city that never sleeps, and your pic proves it.

  4. An awesome photograph capturing a section of New York City’s skyline at night. This photograph is cut in half horizontally. On the top half you have the skyline followed by the river water on the bottom half. The most illuminated skyscraper is the Chrysler building at the center of this photograph, followed by the Empire State building on the left edge. In the water, I noticed the reflection of light from the skyscrapers. The reflection on the water from Chrysler building’s light, seems to make a walking path leading into the city. This walking pass tempts me to follow it but I don’t want to get soaked.

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