Homework for Tuesday, Feb 18

Hi Class,

For Tuesday, February 18th,  bring in a newly revised page 1 of Essay1. In order to do this, first, print out and study the Thesis Handout, found under the “Readings” menu tab. Second, revise your page 1 in terms of paragraph structure: think of the first paragraph as the place to write the introductory definitions and the summary of your favorite article. The second paragraph should then move into the thesis statement. Make sure that it has a modifier in it (like “while”), so that your thesis has an argument in it. Third, make sure that you take out words and phrases such as “everybody knows,” “we all think about home,” “you know.” These are vague and impossible to support. Fourth, bring both the old and the new versions to class on Tuesday.

Email any questions that you have.


Prof. Scanlan

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