Anna Nurse Memo of Chef Craig Hobson By: Richard Buren

Date: December 10, 2013

To: Professor Akana

From: Richard Buren

Subject: Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

At the Anna Nurse Workshop, the presenter that was there was Chef Craig Hobson who is an Executive Chef at Le Cirque ,a French restaurant, located in New York City. He prepared two dishes; one was a Corn Flan and the second dish was a Chicken Breast with Shallots. Chef Hobson used two untraditional techniques in making these dishes, for the Corn Flan, which would be usually made with eggs but was substituted with Locust and Agar Agar which held it shape in a mold then after setting, the Corn Flan was sprinkled with hard corn on top and sauced with a Balsamic vinaigretteĀ . The other technique that Chef Hobson used when he prepared the Chicken Breast with Shallots was when he prepared the chicken breast in a water bath at a constant temperature of 143 degrees Fahrenheit which he then seared the chicken breast until the skin was crispyĀ and the shallots were cooked until it was caramelized topped with saffron, orange juice, lemon juice, and cilantro as a sauce.Ā The Chicken Breast with Shallots was also served with aĀ salad which had mint, cilantro, and parsley.

The two dishes that Chef Ā Craig Hobson made was delicious and unique.Ā The Corn Flan’s texture was interesting due to the Locust and Agar Agar but I was eager to eat it because IĀ  am familiar with Agar AgarĀ  and I couldn’t wait to try it. The Chicken Breast with Shallots was also good as well, it was a sweet and savory dish and the mint, cilantro, and parsley salad definitely complimented the chickenĀ breast.


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