May 1: Research Paper Draft; Article

The Transcendent Man papers should have been emailed to me by Tuesday 4/29. (If you haven’t sent it yet, get it to me by this evening, and I’ll be able to I’ll return it in class on Thursday.)

Two things For Thursday, May 1:

1 ) Everyone is required to bring to class a paper draft of the research paper that is as complete as you can make it. We’ll do an editing exercise and we’ll go over some tips on research and writing. (I wouldn’t count on the classroom printer being functional, so get a print copy beforehand.)

2) Read this an article on writing and plagiarism from the Chronicle of Higher Education:
This is about someone who set up a business writing papers for other students.  However, in the process of discussing how he did this I think he does an interesting job of explaining how research and writing actually happens in a digital environment.  Read it closely and we’ll go over this in class.

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