Net Smart

[I apologize if this is a duplicate post.  I’m using a “cloned” version of the ENG3771 course which contains some of the same content from the course in Fall 2013.  But when I published that last post it was back-dated to October 2013 instead of creating a new post with the current date.  This one should be in the right place.] 

Tomorrow we will begin our next section on Net Smart and Social Media Literacies.  As we discussed in the last class, you are to read the “Introduction” and “Table of Contents” to Net Smart.  Both are available for free on the book’s website .  For your convenience I have uploaded them here to our site under “Course Documents.”

You should also read through the Social Media Literacies syllabus  Think about which readings you would like to cover in the next two classes.  It’s a lot of material, so we’ll have to be selective.  I have my own preferences, but I want to get input from you as well.

We will select a few common readings to assign and cover in the next class session. I am also willing to take suggestions from other sources, if you know of other articles or websites that are related to the topics covered in the syllabus.  (For example, I’d like for us to read Nicholas Carr’s 2008 article from The Atlantic:  Is Google Making Us Stupid  The arguments from this article were later expanded into a book,  The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.)

In this class session you will be working in groups again, this time to present an overview of one section from the Social Media Literacies Syllabus, and we will collectively compile a reading list for next week.  

EDIT 3/20:
(We will forego the collaborative essay part of this assignment.  There is no essay due next week.  Just do the readings for next week which will be listed here in another post.)


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