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Greetings Class –

My name is Dr. Patrick Corbett, and I am excited to be your professor of English 3771 – Advanced Career Writing. During our time together, we will embark on the the most intensive study and practice of writing that you have ever experienced. The work of this course is demanding, but will provide you with immense benefits as you learn to use the written word to better accomplish your goals in the world.

I’ve included a few words about myself below to give you a better sense of how I approach teaching and writing. After you read my bio post, feel free to respond with questions or comments.


My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Northwestern University, a Master of Arts in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Louisville. I have taught many different types of writing courses. I am also a digital literacy researcher with an interest in video games, new media, and cultural aspects of communications technologies.

Work Experience:

For six years after college, I worked in story development in the motion picture industry at Paramount Pictures and the Mutual Film Company (and a few other places). After leaving the 80-hour work weeks common in the movie business, I worked as a screen-printing apprentice in a textile factory in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (home of the weather prognosticating groundhog). While working on my Master’s degree, I did technical writing and policy research for a large HIV/AIDS treatment consortium.

I have taught writing at Clarion University, Bellarmine University, Jefferson Community and Technical College, the University of Louisville, Madison College, and Axia College of the University of Phoenix. Along the way I have worked as an independent contractor, technical writer, and writing consultant for various companies including Star Trek: Voyager, Kaplan, Inc., the William Morris Agency, and Virgin Records, Inc.

Teaching “Philosophy”:

I love, love, love talking about and teaching writing, and I look forward to working with each of you. I expect that we will learn a lot from each other. My Master’s and Ph.D. level training in teaching writing comes out of the “Constructivist” philosophy of teaching, meaning that I believe that we create our knowledge together. I have spent eight years of graduate school learning the most effective methods of teaching writing, and I try to incorporate that training and education into an engaging environment for you to make better writing.

I take my teaching responsibilities seriously, and I will invest a lot of time into making sure you receive the education you are paying for. The other side of that is this course demands your commitment to succeed and involves continuous real work. A lot of it, in fact. This work is crucial for your success as a student, and for an engaged professional life outside of school (no matter what your career). Together, we will create a stable and productive learning environment to do this work.

Your responsibility in this course is to complete the course activities and actively engage me and your peers in thought-provoking discussions. You will find me to be a respectful but challenging professor who will demand good work from you.

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