Congratulations to the BWRC!

Last month while the Fourth Year Fellows were exploring assessment matters, I played hooky to attend a fantastic conference presented by the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center.

The well-attended conference featured more than a dozen outstanding speakers who examined ┬áthe question “Has the Brooklyn Waterfront Gone Global – Again?


The conference was held in an historic courtroom that once housed the NYS Appellate Division, in Borough Hall

The conference blew my mind – I learned so much – virtually every speaker was absolutely fascinating! ┬áThe Planning Committee for the conference deserves A LOT of praise for the great panel of speakers and for the entire fun event. ┬áSadly there was no way to schedule the conference into the Fourth Year Fellows calendar this year, but I hope we can all attend next year’s event.

In the meantime, if you would like to read more about the conference, I took copious notes and posted a piece on my class blog, The Dearly Departed.


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  1. Thanks for sharing and posting your notes. I enjoyed reading the various and varied opinions.

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