Panel 1:  Music, Fashion and Culture

Lucas Davies

Lucas Davies
Project Title: The Davies Tartan: From then until Now
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Nazanin Munroe
Major: Business and Technology of Fashion, BS
Course: BUF 2246: Introduction to Textiles

Ashley Persuad

Ashley Persuad
Project Title: Ludovico Einaudi: Not Classical, but Minimalist
Faculty Mentor: Prof. James Matheson
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology, BTech
Course: MUS 1210: Musical Styles

Check Traore
Project Title: The Evolution of the American Fine Dining
Faculty Mentor: Rosa Abreu
Major: Hospitality Management, BTech
Course: HMGT 2305: Dining Room Operations

Panel 2: Health & Safety Education

Letrecia Azor

Letricia Azor
Project Title: The Pandemic and the Hospitality Industry
Faculty Mentor: Prof. David Lee
Major: Hospitality Management, BTech
Course: COM 2405: Principles of Persuasion

Grazziane Morbidelle

Grazziane Morbidelle
Project Title: Navigating the Nursing Program
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Michelle Gellar
Major: Nursing, AAS
Course: NUR 1030: Foundations of Caring