Jeremy Eisner Clay Bouquet Final Project

This is my final project, I call it the clay bouquet. These flowers are made from clay as the name describes, but also from a single chopstick that the clay was molded around. Each individual flower is a solid form that when put together, act as units in a modular bouquet. Being that we are in a time where stopping to smell the flowers is considered unsafe for being outside for too long, I felt I had to bring nature to me in some way. Each flower in particular is a Tulip because I had another thought about a now recent holiday. Mother’s day was upon us and I felt that at this time, it would become very difficult to go out window shopping for my mom, and ordering online would take too long. So, I figured, why not make something that not only represents the inability to go outside, but make something that would make my mom happy. Each flower is molded after Tulips which are her favorite type of flower and the colors represent our family by color preference. Blue is my favorite color, purple is my Dad’s favorite color, and Yellow is my mom’s favorite color. Overall, I am very pleased with how my flowers came out despite some hardships along the way, but I hope that you all like it as much as I had fun making them.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Eisner Clay Bouquet Final Project

  1. Meryl Taradash

    What a great idea for Mother’s Day! Why not photograph them is a special vase (can be one you make) and not in the plastic container?

    1. Jeremyeisner3180 Post author

      Thank you,

      I forgot that I had a spare vase hiding out of sight, I just uploaded pictures of them in a little more fancier vase, at the moment, it is the only empty one I have.


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